My Latest Finds!

This is my page of the latest and greatest relics I have dug. Hopefully, :), this will be updated regularly.

Updated Oct 30, ' is a nice Va6a...a silverwashed 2 piece coat button that dates from the 1840's. I dug it in Smithfield Va.

March 16, 2000...finally got out after many months...heres some good stuff from the same place at Harrison's Landing.... Hope to hunt more in the near future!

May 16, 1999. We have been VERY busy building an addition on our house, and today was the first chance I have had to hunt in months. It's not much, but I found these few items in a couple hours behind the house this afternoon. Nice to know I haven't lost the touch!

Dug over the last few days, a spearhead, a watch chain clip, a "piece of 8", a canteen spout, a pocketwatch back pierced by a bayonet, and nearbye was found the COMPLETE watchchain. This is a cool piece for me because it is totally unlike anything I have ever seen for sale by sutlers at reenactments. Once silver-washed, I think it is darn cool!

Dug Dec.1, my first Yankee Staff Coat button...+ 10 cents

Found these Nov 10, includes my 1st Georgia button (and first CS button in over a year), a REALLY cool cut-out flower button, a large iron frame buckle, a small brass buckle, a percussion cap, and the back of a Scoville cuff button.
Below is a closeup of the Ga. button. It looks better than the scan, although it does have some plow damage. The backmark is Horstmann and Allien, NY., identifying it as a Ga 4A1.

Todays diggin's..Oct. 27, 1998. The tip of a sabre-bayonet scabbard, a few flat buttons, a VERY distressed eagle button, a few .54 Minies, and the lone Gardner. Also in there are 2 pocketknives and a money clip. I ache too bad for these few relics!!

My first Eagle breast plate, in great shape, with both hooks. I found it in a hole with 30-some .58 Minies. Found on October 8, 1998.

Some odds and ends found on Oct. 13, 1998 at a homesite. Check out the smashed flat sword hilt!

October 20, 1998. A GREAT day! Found my 1st and 2nd US boxplates, 75 bullets (all but 1 are .54 Minies, meaning that these troops were armed with the 1841 Mississippi rifles), a sabre-bayonet scabbard throat, 2 belt slides from the M1855 Riflemans belt accoutrements, 2 NY buttons, 2 eagle buttons, and some other pieces. Pshew! Need a break after that...

Closeup of the 2 cartridge box plates pictured above. These are the first of these I have ever found, and 2 on one day! They are slightly different stampings, and both have all the hooks and a great patina.

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